Why financing?

We believe that each of our individual  microgrid project is unique, and so is the financing.

While we are open to various third party partners to financing our projects, we also work with our clients to identify THE right set of financing solutions for each specific projects. Our solutions typically are zero capital cost and off balance sheet.

You are welcome to contact us for any projects that you might be interested!

How we manage it?

Working with local partners to support local economies, we are able to provide turnkey solutions to meet your goals. With strong local business networks and professional management team, we can deliver the best financial benefit to our investor.

The chart below is net project cash flow forecast estimated from our current active portfolio. With an average ten year life span, investors could expect short payback period and good amount of project gains.

Why the financing is GREEN?

All the investment we collected will be used to build various microgrids projects across the country. Those microgrids project will help local residents, commercial buildings, industrial factories, and communities to build resilient, safe, and economic energy systems.

With a single power purchase agreement (PPA), the entire microgrids project can be developed and used as stand-alone grid system. The customers pays a set rate for all the energy the microgrids generates, where the rate is set below the current rate customers pays for energy. The savings will grow exponentially over time!

Project available for investment

Microgrid Showcase project in Tualatin, OR.: 400kW Grid Tied Solar and Battery.

Community microgrid project for a municipality in Central Oregon: 400kW Solar, CHP and Energy Storage.

Project coming soon for investment

1,400 kW Solar, CHP, Wind and Energy Storage for Tribe Reservation.

8,000 kW Community Microgrid project for First Nations Tribe in Canada