Our experienced team works with well established and world renowned industry experts with specialized focus to ensure a well thought out approach to microgrids for each specific project. Team members and collaborators on the R2B Microgrid Solutions team combine expertise in:

  • law, regulation, markets, and technology
  • research, analysis, and communications
  • project development, finance, and design
  • green buildings, LEED certification, real estate
  • policy studies and expert testimony
  • project management, leadership, and collaborative work

We are the preferred partner for microgrid development for Green Energy Corp (GEC). GEC is one of the top 5 software company in the microgrid control space and we have a shared approach and philosophy when it comes to microgrids. GEC has microgrid projects across the United States as well as internationally and R2B is leading all project development efforts in our partnership.  Our collaboration allows GEC and R2B to share our global network of established partners to ensure world class services and resources to all of our projects.  We work with respected professionals and companies globally at various levels to ensure that we deliver on projects in a cost effective and timely manner.